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The simplest and the most advanced video consultation and communication platform.
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Some of our features

Instant high quality video and audio

We have the most advanced video processing platform, optimising frame-rate to ensure image quality even during data poor transmission.

Multidisciplinary team meetings

You can bring up to 20 people into a meeting room, ideal for group clinics, group rehabilitation training sessions and for multidisciplinary team meetings.

Screen sharing

Screen share - show the patient their scans or results and point out areas of interest.

Video recording and storage

By default no video is stored. However, with patient agreement, consultations can be recorded (premium accounts) and that video can then be stored and shared with the patient.

Pop out video

No need for a second screen with Simply pop the video out so it floats over any other appliction or document enabling you to type into the patient record while concurrently looking at them.

Blur or replace background

Are you doing clinic from home or a busy workplace?

Keep it professional. Blur out the background or upload your own backdrop.

About Us is brought to you by the same people behind GoodSAM – the most advanced alerting / dispatching / video and communications platform used by emergency services around the world. (GoodSAM is also powering the national NHS Volunteer Responder program.)

But we also believe that everyone should have access to healthcare. Telemedicine should enable that, not be a barrier and that is why, especially with the COVID-19 crisis, we have established the basic platform as free for NHS staff.

But it’s more than that. We see an erosion of “care” with other telemedicine platforms employing GPs or requiring patients to leave their GP who has known them all their life and transfer to a new GP who has never met them. We think this is terrible care and want to level the playing field, enabling all GPs to see their patients online if they wish.

To ensure the platform is sustainable we have added premium tiers with additional functionality for organisations but our plan is to keep the basic ability to see patients as free. We really believe this is the future. Please join us.

If your organisation needs a Data Protection Impact Assessment, we have one already prepared for you here. Simply download and modify for your organisation, or contact us to discuss further.

Per Month

Our all inclusive pricing structure

Free For individual clinicians

  • 99.9999
    24/7/365 incident support


Premium For individual clinicians

  • 99.9999
    24/7/365 incident support


Practice For GPs and specialist clinics

  • 99.9999
    24/7/365 incident support

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Organisational For trusts and hospitals services

  • 99.9999
    24/7/365 incident support

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* We can provide an accurate quote when we understand your use cases. Please contact us.

Our Governance and Security

End-To-End encryption for live media

We use TLS/DTLS-SRTP for encrypting the media; this works by using a secure handshake to derive the keys for encrypting the payload of the RTP packets.

TLS 1.2 for inflight data

We use TLS 1.2 and are compliant with GDPR, HIPAA and NHS standards.

AES256 for media at rest

All the data at rest is AES256 bit encrypted in the same country as the client.

Integration and interoperability

Organisational dashboard has advanced analytics tools for organisations. These can be from GP practices or specialised clinics to large NHS Trusts and private hospitals. Create departments, administrators, clinician operators.

Rest based API

We provide a simple REST based API which you can use to integrate with us in minutes!

HL7 and FHIR support

We can also use HL7 and FHIR to integrate into existing work flows.