Video integration

Our video solution does not require any integration for it to function (similar to the telephone on your desk) and most organisation use it as a stand alone solution as this keeps the costs down and speed up the adaptation.

However if you need integration, our powerful video API allows you to create and manage invitations for both scheduled and non-scheduled video consultations. It also enables you to access your data in real time. (Without integration your data can be extracted using our dashboard.)

We use industry standard restful APIs which are fully documented using Swagger (Industry standard documentation tool).

Our APIs also support FHIR messaging protocol, the supported versions are: Dstu2, Dstu2_1, Dstu2Hl7Org, Dstu3, R4, R5

Technology stack

Our technology stack is built on the idea of modularity, which means that it is incredibly flexible. We can tailor build our modules based on your organisational needs without compromising the speed or scalability. We maintain and guarantee the uptime of the system and provide the help and support at no extra fee.

If you are concerned about data privacy, we are pleased to be able to give you several options regarding where we could store your organisational data or how we encrypt them. On the other hand, if your prefer to be using an in-house database or data-center, we can provide enough flexibility to make that happen.

Please do contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions; if you are unsure about how this would work, we can arrange an on-line session with one of our technicians to clarify any issues or questions.

Organisational dashboard has advanced analytics tools for organisations. These can be from GP practices or specialised clinics to large NHS Trusts and private hospitals. Create departments, administrators, clinician operators.

Rest based API

We provide a simple REST based API which you can use to integrate with us in minutes!

HL7 and FHIR support

We can also use HL7 and FHIR to integrate into existing work flows.