Yes – we believe that everyone should have access to healthcare and hence we have set up to provide a basic Telemedicine System that anyone can use. Just register with your email address and you can start seeing patients!
Well – there are many organisations out there trying to make excessive money out of seeing patients. We believe there should be no barriers.
Yes - to make the platform sustainable we also have a premium version which has additional features.
We do not provide IT support with the free version, but value feedback so please do tell us your thoughts or any issues.

In the premium and institution versions we provide 24/7 support. Please raise a ticket and we will respond within 2 hours. works on all modern smartphones. Please follow our guide below to rectify any issues.

Not working on iPhone:

Ask the patient to ensure that Safari has access to the camera: Open Settings > Safari > Settings for websites > Camera > Choose Allow (or Ask)

Not working on Android:

Ask the patient to ensure that Chrome has access to the camera by following this guide.

Not working on Desktop:

- For Chrome follow this guide.
- For Safari follow this guide.
- For Mozilla follow this guide.
- For Opera follow this guide.
- For Edge follow this guide.

General Issues: should work on all networks and wifi systems that do not block video. If it is still not working check the following:

- You device has a functioning camera/microphone
- You have a data plan on your device
- You are not on a wifi that blocks video

If none of the above resolves your issue please let us know the make of phone, what operating system it is running and what network (e.g. iphone X iOS 13.2, Vodafone) and we will investigate it.
If you are already on the phone when opening the link, then the microphone is already taken for the phone call and the video call would not have any audio.

Please hang up and then open the link again to have both the video and audio. (This only happens on iPhones due to Apple restrictions)

If the user is on a windows computer, please advise them to make sure there are no other application using the microphone, only one application can use the microphone at any given time on majority of windows computers.

If there are multiple tabs open which could potentially be using your microphone, please close them down.
In order for the screen share to work, you need to have a compatible browser. This feature is not currently supported on Safari. It works well with Chrome, Chromium Edge, Opera and Firefox.

If you are on a mac then you may need to enable this feature from:

"System Preferences" -> "Security and Privacy" -> "Screen Sharing" -> Tick the appropriate application
In order for the transcription to work, you as the consultant need to have a compatible browser. This feature is only supported on Chrome and Chromium Edge.
The networking infrastructure (O2, 3, Vodafone ect...) can have delays when delivering text messages based on how busy they are.

We recommend keeping the text message as short as possible to speed up the delivery. Each message segment is 160 characters and networks prioritise smaller messages.

If you want to sent an invite for an immediate appointment, use the "See someone now" button instead of scheduling an appointment, the invite for this fits in a single message segment and would be delivered faster.

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